Separatists reported about the murder of the Donetsk crime boss Misha Krivoy in Crimea 12/23/2015 12:32:28. Total views 2812. Views today — 0.

A well-known Donbass crime boss Mishanya Kosoy (Mikhail Lyashko) was killed in Crimea. This was reported by one of the curators of the Moscow "Russian Spring" in the Donetsk region Roman Manekin on his Facebook page.

"Call from # Krym. The information is not confirmed; I report as I got it. In Crimea, in his house in # Gurzuf` a well-known #Donbass criminal Mishanya Kosoy (Mikhail Lyashko) was killed. In Donbass Kosoy owned assets in the vodka and tobacco business. In # Donetsk he was called "in charge of Rinat Akhmetov’s assets"",- wrote Manekin.

He emphasized that "he received information orally. It is being checked".