Strange "Nasha poshta" promises to deliver a parcel from occupied Donbass to "trimmed" by them Ukraine 12/01/2015 18:47:17. Total views 1288. Views today — 1.

Operating on the occupied territory of Donbass Nasha poshta logistics company announces the beginning of the delivery of mail, parcels and freight from Ukraine. Information about this appeared at the webpage of the company in VKontakte social network.

"Once again good news! As of December 15th, Nasha poshta will deliver to/from Ukraine! ", - said the statement.

But the company said that it couldn’t mention the prices for shipping and delivery yet. "Rate chart is still in progress. The service will be carried out via Nova poshta",- said the statement.

Previously Nasha poshta dealt with delivery of goods, parcels and documents from occupied Donbass to Russia and the Customs Union countries.

Advertising of the company services is accompanied by the "trimmed" map of Ukraine without Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Nova poshta informed OstroV that it didn’t work with such organizations, "We hear it for the first that Nova poshta declares that we will deliver their freights. It’s problematic to cooperate with such organizations because they can cease working any time. We cannot be responsible for goods that they register for delivery".