Donetsk governor lost his faith in the peaceful solution to a conflict in Donbass and does not exclude the “Croatian scenario” 12/22/2016 17:02:57. Total views 900. Views today — 0.

The head of the Donetsk regional military and civil administration Pavlo Zhebrivskyi considers a Croatian version of the end of occupation in Donbass as inevitable. He said this at a press conference in Kramatorsk, - the correspondent of OstroV reports.

He noted that he is not a big optimist in the question of expeditious liberation of the temporarily uncontrolled territories.

“I am not so optimistic. The Russians put everything on a pause. They are waiting for the position of (elected president of the USA – OstroV) Trump”, - Zhebrivskyi said, stressing that Ukraine is not prepared to cede its territory in any way.

According to him, now it is necessary to equip the controlled by Ukraine territory of Donbass, to pay attention to the negotiators in order to put pressure on Russia and to engage in further construction of the army.

“Finally, we will come to the Croatian variant”, - the governor said, implying that the force way of returning the uncontrolled territories is possible.

It is noteworthy that only six months ago Zhebrivskyi was less pessimistic and performed exclusively for the peaceful way of scenario. In this way in June 2016 he stated that there are two ways of resolving the conflict. The first one – refusal of Russia from Donbass because of the increasing of international sanctions. “The second one - Croatian. To build the army - and to fight back in a military way somewhere in five years”, - Zhebrivskyi said, stressing that he personally looks forward to the first scenario. “Because the most terrible thing in the war - to bury your fellows”, - he explained.

After two successful military operations “Lightning” and “Storm” in 1995, Croatia forced the rebellious Serbian Krajina to the signing of the Erdut agreement, according to which the unrecognized republic was peacefully integrated into Croatia in 1998 with the help of the United Nations.