The occupation "authorities" claim that "DPR" trades with China, Italy, Spain and France 12/21/2016 20:22:34. Total views 829. Views today — 0.

The occupation "authorities" say that "Donetsk People's Republic" trades with China, Italy, Spain and France. This was stated by Olexandr Timofeev, the so-called "Minister of income and charges", also known as "Tashkent", - report the secessionist media.

He claims that in 2016, compared with previous periods, the budget of the “republic” increased "by 210%”.

"This growth was not due to higher taxes, but due to increasing the solvency of the business", - said Timofeev, claiming that the occupied territory "simplifies business management" and that its "economy is growing."

"The head of DPR set the task to cover all domestic needs with our own sources. The refocusing of agriculture covered the needs of the internal market. That is, the money, which "flows" in the country should remain in the country. As of today, there are 700 exporters of our products. The DPR has trade agreements with China, Italy, Spain and France”. - “Tashkent” underlined.

He explained that the "DPR" is exporting coal, mining equipment, metal castings, chemical products.

"In the last two weeks we saw an influx of businessmen from Ukraine. They are willing to have their manufacturing plants here and trade from our territory with the countries, on which Ukraine imposed trade sanctions". - said Timofeev.