Russian deputies allowed FSS soldiers to fire at the crowd, women and children 12/22/2015 22:40:11. Total views 1141. Views today — 0.

Deputies of the State Duma adopted in the third and final reading a draft law suggesting that the FSB servicemen may use firearms in the crowds – reported Slon.

Broadcast of the session was conducted on the website of the lower chamber of parliament, the document was supported by 343 deputies, two were against and one abstained.

In addition, the FSS employees were allowed to shoot at women, minors and disabled people in cases of "armed resistance or make armed or group attack which threaten the life and health of citizens or officers of the Federal Security Service, or an act of terrorism". Non-lethal weapons may also be used against pregnant women, the disabled and minors in such cases.

The document regulates the cases in which the FSS military are allowed to use weapons. Listed circumstances include detention of suspects in serious or very serious crimes, armed resistance, prevention of escapes, stopping the vehicle during the escape attempt, the threat to life of citizens.

FSS military are also allowed to enter the housing of other people for "ensuring public safety during the riots and emergency situations." It is emphasized that in all these cases, the employees are not liable for damages. Employees were also allowed to receive and destroy biometric data, including fingerprints from crossing the border if they have "signs indicating the possibility of declines in terrorist activities, recruitment or involvement in any other way in terrorist activities."

Employees, their spouses and minor children are prohibited to open deposits abroad.