PrivatBank has frozen the funds on corporate accounts. It is said to be the minimum balance 12/20/2016 14:27:09. Total views 977. Views today — 2.

PrivatBank has frozen the funds on corporate accounts as of December 19. This is evidenced by the information in Privat 24 application.

The report stated that all debit operations will be carried out only with the use of the funds received on the account after the morning of December 19. For example, if the account balance was conditionally 100 000 USD as of the morning of December 19, then these funds would be frozen on the account as “the minimum balance” for an indefinite period. The funds that were transferred to the account after that can be used for debit operations using the card. It is noted that this is a temporary measure.

At the same time crediting an account will be carried out as per normal.

The bank reported that all decisions about the future change of such a temporary operating mode will be accepted by Oleksandr Shlapak when he will assume his responsibilities as PrivatBank ‘s chairman.

On the question of OstroV, whether this information is official, the bank’s “hot line” turned on the answer machine, by means of which the above quoted message was duplicated in the voice mode.