The DPR boasted that Russian high schools actually gave them thousand diplomas after a Skype session 12/20/2016 12:24:00. Total views 951. Views today — 0.

Over one thousand students of illegal “institutions of higher education of the DPR” received Russian high schools’ diplomas, where they had never been studied. This was told to separatist media by calling herself “the minister of education and science” Larisa Polyakova.

“1014 students in total from the DPR have received diplomas of the Russian sample from January to December of this year. In fact, they are graduate students who received two diplomas, who are defended two different graduation projects and two different exams of the state final examination in the Republic and in Russia”,  – “the minister” said.

At the same time, she recognized that students were not studied in Russian high schools, diplomas of which they were given. It was enough to defend a diploma paper and pass a state exam to receive “Russian higher education”. Moreover, in order to do this the student did not even have to leave the occupied Donbass – “protection” and “exam” could be carried out “via videoconference from Donetsk”.

Such a way of getting Russian education in “DPR” is explained by the fact that they allegedly “found partners in Russia and concluded cooperation agreements with them”.

As previously reported, information that diplomas of the Russian sample, issued in the occupied Donbass, are not recognized in in the Russian Federation because they were not included in the official database, was repeatedly appeared in the media.