Svetlodarsk arc battle: Ukrainian military has occupied new positions as a result of counter attack 12/19/2016 15:39:00. Total views 944. Views today — 0.

Ukrainian military has taken new strategic positions as a result of a battle on Svetlodarsk arc. Volunteer Yuriy Mysyagin told about it on his page in Facebook.

“Rather heavy battles, which went almost all night, began as a result of yesterday’s evening a massive fire, when the opponent tried to break through and capture our leading position in Svetlodarsk arc. All calibers were working, from machine guns to 152th. As a result, the opponent suffered heavy losses and was dropped this morning, and the heroes of the 54th Brigade occupied new and strategic positions.

According to him, Ukrainian side suffered losses as a result of the battle.

“It is especially pleasant in this situation to say that the 1st Battalion of the 54th Brigade, on the positions of which took place the main fighting, was supported by all our units located in that area of Svetlodarsk arc. Everyone worked cohesively and clearly. Keep a cool head. Yes, we have killed people and people reported missing”, – Y. Mysyagin wrote.

However, according to him, there is no exact data about the victims yet. “I know exactly that the most of the wounds are not heavy. Many of them want to rush back to the positions”, - he added.