"It is a sorry situation." Ukrainian contractors do not want to serve in the ATO area – Tymchuk 11/02/2016 20:36:38. Total views 1297. Views today — 0.

Understaffing of Ukrainian unit personnel and military equipment is observed in the ATO area. MP Dmitry Tymchuk told about that in his comments to OstroV.

"The question is motivation forour contract. The Ministry of Defence (after the increase of salaries) reports about the fact that there are many people who want to serve on a contract basis. But the problem is that there a lot of those wishing to serve on a contract basis but not many wanting to go to the ATO area," - he said.

Tymchuk noted that the Ministry of Defence continued to talk about the need to raise salaries.

"But we said at the meeting of the Committee on National Security and Defense of Ukraine that it is necessary to raise salaries for those who are in the ATO area. It will be motivation. When the military in the ATO will receive 2-3 times more than others, contractors will literally fight to get there," - said the MP.

"According to our data, the results of monitoring of the situation 2 times this year (our closed position paper was sent to the National Security Council), it is a sorry situation. One problem is understaffed personnel and equipment in the ATO area. It is very sad," – said Tymchuk.

As previously reported, President Petro Poroshenko said that as of November 2nd, 2016 there were no mobilized soldiers in the ATO area and only contractors serve there.