Monday events on the occupied territories of Donbass 11/01/2016 10:39:32. Total views 956. Views today — 0.

Media: The Supreme Court of the DPR sentenced Maksim Teorenter - the organizer of the assassination attempt on the head of the republic Alexander Zakharchenko to imprisonment for a term of 14 years. Teorenter was an agent of the Ukrainian Security Service. It has been established that he planted the bomb in Artemida shooting club in Donetsk."

"Representative of the LPR" in Minsk Vladislav Deynego: "Most people in Ukraine are usual people in difficult circumstances with whom it is necessary to negotiate and you can find many points of contact. Maybe, it is possible to throw off the khunta and build a new country with them."

"Deputy operational command of the DPR" Eduard Basurin: "Enemy’s attempts to penetrate in the rear of our republic to commit terrorist acts continue. In the area of ​​Marinka our military suppressed an attempt of infiltration of terrorists to the territory of the republic disguised as civilians."

"Ministry of Education of the DPR": "DPR pupils left for autumn holidays today, children will stay home until November 6th."

"Ministry of Transport of the DPR": "The fare on all intercity routes in the towns of the Donetsk People's Republic is increased by two rubles as of November 1st."

"State Customs Committee of the LPR": "Payment for customs clearance of goods has been established. Fees will be charged for the customs clearance process. 0.2% of the customs value, but not less than 20 euros and not more than 1000 euros. It applies to both entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens who have to carry out customs clearance. "In this case legal entities that carry goods in large amounts will benefit more. Even if customs duty is 2,000 euros, the entrepreneur will still have to pay only one thousand," - said chairman of the State Customs Committee of the LPR Andrey Karpak."

Media: "MIA of the LPR held gathering of military-patriotic clubs of the LPR based in Molodaya Gvardiya camps. The meeting has turned into a real children's party. After grand opening and priest’s blessing and solemn salute with weapons of World War II, almost two hundred children became spectators of colorful historical reconstruction of the Russian troops during Prince Rurik’s time."

Media: "Officials and scholars discussed the issue of crime prevention among young people in the LPR."