Militants suffered casualties while attempting to storm the AFU positions in Avdeyevka industrial area - Ministry of Defence 10/28/2016 21:01:42. Total views 977. Views today — 0.

Militants tried to attack the AFU positions in Avdeyevka, using artillery and mortars, but without success. It was reported by the representative of the Ministry of Defence on the ATO Andrei Lysenko at the briefing.

He noted that militants had sharply intensified fighting near Avdeyevka the previous day.

"Till dawn, in the morning and afternoon, the occupants carried out a series of mortar attacks in Avdetevka at Butovka mine position and Opytnoye. The enemy wanted to hide their true intentions in this way, clear the ATO forces from their positions at Avdeyevka," - he said.

According to him, the militants tried to oust the ATO forces from their positions in Avdeyevka. "Command of the Russian occupation troops deployed several hundred fighters from two different departments, several batteries of artillery and unmanned aerial vehicles for this operation. After a powerful artillery preparation with the use of 82 mm mortars and 152 mm howitzers, the occupants tried to take our position by storm. To repel the attack, reinforcements arrived in the front positions of our defence. Clashes ended in our favour, the enemy suffered casualties and retreated in shame," -said Lysenko.

He also noted that the casualties the enemy had suffered over the past day were 7 dead and 17 injured occupants. "The lion's share of the casualties was in the so-called 10th regiment and separate assault battalion of the 1st Army Corps of the Russian occupation troops that attacked Avdeyevka industrial area, but failed," - said Lysenko.