OSCE observers recorded projection of military and weapons from Russia to Donbass 10/28/2016 11:20:31. Total views 859. Views today — 0.

OSCE SMM has documented cases of projection of military and weapons from Russia to the occupied territory of Donbass. It was stated on Thursday at the meeting of the OSCE Council in Vienna by the US representative to the Organization, Ambassador Daniel Baer, - reports Ukrinform.

According to him, the Russian side continues to supply manpower and equipment to occupied Donbass.

"Despite the limitations of the united separatist forces, the SMM continues to document evidence that Russia sends its forces and military equipment to Ukraine," - said the US diplomat.

According to him, on October 17th observers saw a minivan with military number signs that transported people in camouflage from the border with Russia to the separatist-controlled zone on the territory of Ukraine. Baer said that the car did not cross the border at the official crossing point.

In addition, the OSCE observers saw a bus transporting about 20 people in camouflage uniforms back to Russia last week.

"Along with the strengthening of the access ban (for OSCE - Ed.), the evidence suggests that the active support of the united separatist forces in Ukraine by Russia continues," - said the US representative to the OSCE.

In this regard, he stressed that Russia continued to hide its activity in Donbass from the international community. "Just last week Russia again rejected a proposal to expand the area of ​​SMM operations to cover all nine border crossings with Russia in Ukrainian areas controlled by the separatists," - said Baer.

As a result, SMM functionality is limited to monitoring of the two border crossings within one or two hours a day. "Russia has the ability and uses it to easily move weapons, fuel and ammunition across the border under the cover of darkness and in the absence of OSCE observers," - said the representative of the United States.