Former head of Putin's administration stated beginning of the "cold war" between Russia and the USA 10/24/2016 20:19:54. Total views 886. Views today — 0.

Ex-Head of the Russian Presidential Administration Sergey Ivanov stated the fact of the beginning of the "cold war" between Russia and the United States. It is reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the Financial Times.

At the same time, Ivanov added that each of the parties was smart enough to prevent World War III.

"Especially when we are talking about nuclear weapons and talking about the hypothetical possibility of World War III, I believe that each party is smart enough to avoid "hot war", - said Ivanov.

"But if we talk about the cold war, information warfare and propaganda war, it is a fact of life. We ​​see it every day," - said the former head of the Putin’s administration.