Government will reject MPs‘ proposal to increase their salaries to 36 thousand 10/24/2016 13:50:43. Total views 884. Views today — 1.

The Ukrainian government will reject MPs‘ proposal to increase their salaries almost by two times. Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman wrote it on his Facebook page.

The Prime Minister reminded that the Verkhovna Rada voted on the introduction of the government’s draft budget for 2017 and included the decision to raise their own salaries almost by two times in the voted package last week.

"We are now working on the changes proposed by the MPs," - said Groysman.

"Those that are right will be taken into account, but some will be rejected by us. We do not support the MPs’ initiative to increase their salary by almost two times," - he said.

"I think that this question is not relevant. Now we have to, first of all ,think about how to raise salaries for ordinary people. We have already laid in the draft budget funds to increase the salaries of teachers, doctors, and generally improve social standards. The government intends to strengthen these positions till the seconds reading," - promised V.Groysman.

As previously reported, the Rada adopted the draft resolutions on the conclusions and proposals to the draft Law of Ukraine on State Budget of Ukraine for 2017 on Thursday where it is proposed to increase MPs‘ salary to 36 thousand 250 hryvnia.