"No money even to buy socks." Militants at the forefront cut metal rails and electric poles into scrap in despair - Khodakovsky 10/21/2016 18:20:11. Total views 910. Views today — 1.

Vostok commander Alexander Khodakovsky claims that militants in the "DPR" cut "in despair" economic infrastructure into scrap: rails and power transmission towers. He said that in the course of his online conference.

According to him, it has become a common thing since the beginning of hostilities, but if they, at first, cut destroyed metal objects, now they cut operating objects.

"Of course, it is possible to cut scrap metal, you can sell the scrap metal. We see now – they use rails and power transmission towers. They cut, then they are arrested, released and so on. I have already said once and I was subjected to obstruction, when I said "okay, cut the bombed airport", it's not looting – it is despair, when people have no money to buy socks or even cigarettes. And the situation hasn’t changed dramatically, well, if somebody would like to we can arrange an excursion to the other side of the frontline – you’ll see everything," - said the militant.