Russia Today with the help of dubious newspaper "awarded" victory in the debate to Trump 10/20/2016 18:21:36. Total views 804. Views today — 1.

Russia Today with the help of dubious newspaper "awarded" victory in the debate between the candidates for the post of the President of the United States to Donald Trump. It is evidenced by the publication on the edition website.

Russian propaganda media states that the TV debates between US presidential candidates from the Democratic and Republican parties Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was convincingly won by the last. RT uses data from surveys of the questionable newspaper The Washington Times, according to which, US presidential candidate from the Republican Donald Trump received 74% support from the readers and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton - only 21%.

The representativeness of the survey raises some doubts as The Washington Times is not very popular in the US very conservative newspaper. It was created in 1982 by the founder of the new religious movement Unification Church Sun Myung Moon. It has a little more than 100 regular subscribers. However, it "masks" to look like the authoritative edition The Washington Post.

In terms of the debate, according to the poll of CNN, Clinton won a landslide victory, she was supported by 52% of respondents, Trump - 39%. CNN is a TV channel, created by Ted Turner on June 1st, 1980. The channel has an audience of more than 200 million people in the United States.