Ukraine bans Russian payment system as a part of new sanctions against Russia 10/19/2016 11:33:50. Total views 1144. Views today — 1.

Ukraine bans Russian payment systems as a part of new sanctions against Russia. The relevant decision of the NSDC of Ukraine is recognized by the presidential decree as of October 17th .

The decree provides for a ban on the activity in Ukraine and cancels the registration of contracts of residents of Ukraine for participation in the international payment system Zolotaya Korona and Unistream.

It also bans activity of international payment systems Kolibri and Leader in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the PrivatBank hotline, which is a partner of the international payment system Western Union and Money Gram, informed OstroV that "the decree (as of October 17th – ed.) does not apply to the aforementioned MTOs."We are still working with systems such as Zolotaya Korona and Unistream that got under the sanctions until there the decision of the NBU. "

As previously reported, the issue of money transfers from Russia concerns a large number of citizens of Ukraine who earn money in Russia and their families.