Russian media reported about the death of Donetsk militant and mercenary Motorola. He was blown up in the elevator 10/17/2016 11:19:42. Total views 1080. Views today — 0.

Russian mercenary Arsen Pavlov nicknamed Motorola was killed today in occupied Donetsk, - reported Interfaxinformed by its source.

"According to preliminary data, an explosive device exploded in the elevator in the house where Arsen Pavlov lived. The militant himself was at that point in the epicentre of the explosion and suffered injuries incompatible with life," - said the source.

According to him, Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group is suspected of the attempt.

He said that "the republic" announced a plan to detain suspects in the alleged murder of the militant.

The "Ministry of Defence of the DPR" confirmed the death of Arsen Pavlov (Motorola).

"According to preliminary data, Motorola was killed in a terrorist operation by Ukrainian SRG. When he was returning home, remote explosive device exploded in the elevator," - informed the "agency" Interfax.

The investigation is going on; the circumstances are being clarified. The anti-terrorism regime in the city is reinforced, - said the "Ministry of Defence".