Monday events on the occupied territories of Donbass 10/11/2016 12:34:22. Total views 652. Views today — 0.

"Ministry of Defence of the DPR": "DPR sappers started demining the territory near the village of Petrovskoye in the south of Donetsk where disengagement of forces and means took place on October 7th."

Media: "The people's militia of the LPR is fully ready for the withdrawal of forces near Stanitsa Luhanskaya village, but did not start it as it should tale place synchronously with Kiev that has still not confirmed the readiness to withdraw its troops."

Media: "More than 17 thousand residents of the LPR participated in a rally against the introduction of foreign military missions to the republic, that is now being held in the center of Luhansk."

Media: "The authorities of the DPR started repairing buildings of the Shakhtersk Pedagogical College in the second phase of the rehabilitation programme that suffered from attacks."

Media: "Staff of the front-line o mine named after Skochinskiy in Donetsk launched the new mine workings with coal reserve 493 thousand tons today. "Lava length ids 238 meters, the layer thickness is one and a half meters, the capacity of the reservoir is estimated as 493 thousand tons of coal. Miners plan to get 520 tons of coal per day for about 40 months," - said the director of the mine Alexander Koval."

Media: "International charity organization Chelovek V Bede (People in Need) started giving humanitarian aid to pregnant women living in Luhansk. 530 out of 1200 sets were issued given during one day."

Media: "Luhansk returned to its previous schedule of water supply as of October 8th in connection with the resumption of work at Petrovskoye and Aydar intakes, as well as the completion of repairs of the water conduit in Artemovsk district of the city.

Media: "Luhanskgaz SE urges customers not to make any cash payments to scams that introduce themselves as employees of the company."