"Primaries in the DPR" is a show as the elections in the Russian Federation - "former Defence Minister of the DPR" Girkin (Video) 10/10/2016 13:18:43. Total views 866. Views today — 0.

The former "Defence Minister of the DPR", Russian terrorist Igor Girkin (Strelkov) stated that pseudo republics of the "DPR" and "LPR" made a show from "primaries". Girkin said that in the "Summary for Novorossia".

"Primaries in LDPR are a show, as well as elections in the Russian Federation. Only with another bigger puppet and grotesque of "democracy" that is established in these republics, if you can call it like that. I don’t dare to call them people’s for a long time,"- says Girkin.

According to him, "primaries" in the "DPR" is just a "show of the election technologies".

"To discuss such things is all the same as to believe that the Olympic Games or festivals contribute to the economy. Just fake," - concluded the militant.

As previously reported, the so-called public voting was held on October 2nd in occupied Donetsk. Not having any significance for the implementation of the Minsk process, "primaries" were held in the regional center and the cities and towns it includes.

Simulational "will expression" was intended to determine the hypothetical candidates for the "mayor" of Donetsk (5 "candidates"), members of the City Council (141 candidates for 64 seats), deputies of local councils, as well as the heads of Aleksandrovka, Andreyevka, Yelenovka, Larino, Lyubovka, Staromykhailovka and Mospino (they belong to the administrative region of Donetsk).

At the same time, "primaries" winners do not receive any mandate – it is not an election. Moreover, the "public voting" is not even a procedure for the nomination of a single candidate from a group or community.