Thursday events on the occupied territories of Donbass 10/07/2016 18:04:52. Total views 861. Views today — 1.

"Chairman of the Pension Fund of the DPR" Galina Sagaydakova: "On October 4th the database of the Pension Fund of the DPR was hacked and blocked by Ukrainian hackers. The objective of the hackers was to destabilize the social situation in the DPR. We regard these actions as a diversion, firstly, aimed to ensure that the residents of the DPR don’t get their pensions on time, and secondly, in order not to pay pensions to those who receive pensions both on the territory of the DPR and Ukraine."

Media: "The command of the DPR accused the OSCE SMM employees of collusion with the Ukrainian military."

Media: "The head of DPR Alexander Zakharchenko set minimum purchase prices for grain in order to stabilize prices on the market of agricultural production in the republic. Thus, the price of wheat of 1-2 class is 8285 rubles per ton, 3 class wheat – 7895 rubles and 4-5 class - 7000 and 6500 rubles, respectively, the price on rye of not lower than 3 class is 7323 rubles per ton."

"The Ministry of Energy and Coal of the DPR": "Republican energetics restored the power supply for 30 transformer substations in Makeyevka and two de-energized mines. After a day of repair work, they provided energy to hundreds of city facilities, including housing estates, as well as Scheglovskaya-Gluboyaya mine, Donbass Shakhtoupravlyeniye and Butovskaya mine of Makeyevugol SE.

Media: "The authorities of Donetsk resumed the bus traffic between the Donetsk railway station and frontline Oktyabrsk village after two years of downtime due to the fighting."

Media: “Tactical exercises of the People's Militia were held at a military polygon of the LPR. The units exercised forcing a water obstacle including beachhead assault for the further development of the offensive with the involvement of reserves."

Media: "A month of the surrender of weapons and ammunition ended in the Luhansk People's Republic. 11 248 weapons and ammunition were surrendered during that period."

Media: "Luhansk homeless rehabilitation center with the support of concerned citizens participated in the campaign called Every Little Helps and provided clothing and shoes to more than 1,600 homeless people."

Media: "In the LPR Nikanor-Novaya mine of Tsentrugol State Unitary Enterprise (SUE) in Zorinsk of Perevalsk district launched a new lava today after more than two years of down time."

Media: "The rally against bringing in armed OSCE mission to Donbass will be held in the Theatre Square in Lugansk on October 10th."

Media: "The staff of the General Prosecutor's Office of the LPR continues conducting investigative activities in the case of the attempted coup in the republic."