Generals in the USA report on high probability of a large-scale war with Russia 10/07/2016 14:31:03. Total views 1024. Views today — 0.


There is a high probability of a large-scale war between the United States and Russia. It was stated by Chief of Staff of the US Army Mark Milley at the seminar in Pentagon, reports http://www.liga.net/with reference to The Independent.

Milley said that a military conflict is "practically guaranteed".

Deputy Chief of Staff of the US Army Joseph Anderson said that the USA faced threats from aggressive states. "What country does it look like? Russia?" - he said.

Army command of the USA noted that there was also a high probability of conflict with China.

According to General William Hicks, technological achievements of Russia and China made the United States to prepare for the violence that the army of the United States has not seen since the war in Korea.

The General believes that a usual conflict in the near future will be deadly and fast.

Earlier Russia pulled out of the deal with the USA on nuclear research, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to suspend an agreement with the USA on plutonium utilization.