The withdrawal process started in the area of Bogdanovka-Petrovskoye - Zhebrivsky 10/07/2016 13:16:03. Total views 895. Views today — 0.

The process of withdrawal of troops began in the area of Bogdanovka-Petrovskoye in Donbass. The head of the Donetsk Military and Civil Administration Pavel Zhebrivskyi wrote about that on Facebook.

"In terms of the withdrawal of troops in the area of frontal Bogdanovka-Petrovskoye. The process of the withdrawal has just started. According to the agreement, on Sunday the troops should be withdrawn for one kilometer on both sides. I would like to calm down residents of the Donetsk region - nothing terrible is happening. The area remains under the control of the Ukrainian authorities, under the supervision of our intelligence officers, and under the supervision of the OSCE," - said the governor.

He noted that in the case of violation of the agreement by the aggressor, Ukrainian troops need maximum 10 minutes to be in full combat readiness to occupy their former positions and take control of all the territory.

"But I hope very much that it won’t happen. Withdrawal of troops is the right course of action, which will help to ensure that our soldiers no longer die. It is painful for me to read the information how our soldiers die or get wounded almost daily. Therefore, if there is any possibility to avoid such casualties, we must put every effort to do it,"- he said.

The head of Donetsk region hopes that it will contribute to the establishment of peace.

"Well, our intelligence will have a little more work and danger, but we have to move to reduce tension and establish peace. I hope very much that our soldiers won’t be killed and we will not get sad reports from the front. At least in those areas," - said Zhebrivskyi.