PPB sees no reason for the introduction of visas with Russia and will not vote for it – Goncharenko 10/06/2016 16:18:30. Total views 911. Views today — 0.

Petro Poroshenko Bloc will not vote for a resolution on the introduction of visa regime with the Russian Federation. MP from the PPB Aleksey Goncharenko said that during a dialogue with journalists in the parliament, - reports the press service of the party.

"Our faction decided at the meeting not to vote for a resolution on the introduction of a visa regime with Russia. There are several reasons for such a decision. Firstly, we are a pro-government faction, therefore, we can not make decisions without communicating with the government. The position of the Minister of Foreign Affairs says that it is wrong to do that, we are not prepared. Secondly, we have millions of Ukrainians working in Russia to earn money for their families, "- he said.

"Russia, of course, will make a symmetrical step to introduce visas. It means that the opportunity for many Ukrainians to visit the Russian Federation with the aim of earnings will be blocked. This issue requires a balanced and careful consideration. Emotions should not dominate in this decision," - said the parliamentarian.