Monday events on the occupied territories of Donbass 10/04/2016 13:04:49. Total views 897. Views today — 2.

"Deputy commander of the operational command of the DPR" Eduard Basurin: "Ukrainian parties disrupted withdrawal of forces in Petrovskoye, units of the DPR armed forces are going back to the positions they had before."

Media: "The current mayor of Donetsk Igor Martynov got 83.2% of votes in the preliminary vote on October 2nd. Martynov nominated his candidacy as a candidate for the post of the head of the city administration. His opponents got from 2.6 to 5.4%."

Media: "The current head of the Administration of Luhansk Manolis Pilavov received the maximum number of votes among the candidates in the primaries for the position of head of city administration. According to the results of the primaries, 86.1% voted for Pilavov."

Media: "The medical teams administered the first aid to 101 residents at the polling stations the primaries on October 2nd in Donetsk."

Media: "The leader of the LPR Igor Plotnitsky thanked the international observers for their participation in the primaries." You are to some extent pioneers, political pioneers, because, unfortunately, our republic is not legally recognized," - said Plotnitsky."

Media: "Workers of the DPR mines have mined nearly nine million tons of coal since the beginning of the year. Compared to the same period last year, miners have improved their performance by almost 2.5 million tonnes. The best result among the mines of the public sector in September was showed employees of the Donbass mine office - more than 118 thousand tonnes. It is followed by Torezantratsit SE and Makeyevugol.

Media: "The Council of Ministers of the LPR approved a new fixed price for poultry meat. According to the decree, the price of poultry meat (refrigerated gutted chicken carcasses) shall not exceed 107 rubles per kilogram."