The troops of the "DPR" are returned to their original positions in Petrovskoye. Militants accused Ukraine of disrupting withdrawal of forces 10/03/2016 19:09:55. Total views 936. Views today — 1.

The "DPR" stated that supposedly withdrawn militants’ troops near Petrovskoye returned to their original positions due to shelling by the AFU. It was reported by calling self-proclaimed" deputy commander of the operational command" Eduard Basurin.

"Kiev disrupted withdrawal of forces in Petrovskoye, DPR forces are returning to their original positions," - he said.

Only the "DPR" reported that the parties allegedly agreed on disengagement of forces and resources in Donetsk region. There was no confirmation from the Ukrainian side. There was also no confirmation of the actual fact of withdrawing militants from their military units in Petrovskoye. The OSCE stated that they could not observe what was happening in Petrovskoye due to mines of the illegal "DPR". Taking advantage of the absence of the OSCE provided by the Framework Agreement on disengagement of forces, the "DPR" groundlessly declared that "the Armed Forces of Ukraine began shelling in the area of Petrovskoye village from the position from which it had to withdraw its troops today."