Akhmetov, Kolomoysky refused to "put an end to oligarchic running of business" – Taruta 09/26/2016 21:52:44. Total views 1017. Views today — 0.

Oligarch Rinat Akhmetov and co-owner of the Privat business group Igor Kolomoysky refused to sign a declaration on economic growth, which was prepared by representatives of the business. It was stated by MP and ex-head of the Donetsk region Sergei Taruta in an interview with znaj.ua.

Taruta said that there had been recently a meeting with key players in the Ukrainian business, the main objective of which was "to determine the role of business and to put an end to the oligarchic running of business".

"I called to unite with each other and to consolidate civil society to amend the Constitution. We have adopted a doctrine where everything is described, offered our own model of economic growth. It will be beneficial to all - small and large businesses, and ordinary citizens. Speaking simple - if the country goes to the growth, it will be good for all - the oligarchs and ordinary workers," - Taruta said.

Answering the question how key players responded - Kolomoysky, Akhmetov, Pinchuk, the former head of the Donetsk region said: "Pinchuk signed our declaration and supported the initiative. Others did not want to change anything - neither themselves nor their behaviour, nor the country. But the dynamics of development of Ukraine today is so fast that very soon the history will tell how those who do not wish to change anything were wrong."

"As the business cannot be separated from society. If it is separated, it must either leave or be permanent culprit that society does not develop. We need to learn from the developed countries to live in a new way and we should start with the elimination of monopolies," - he concluded.