Commander of Angel battalion from the RF and several militants disappeared in occupied Gorlovka 09/20/2016 17:45:51. Total views 1760. Views today — 0.

Russian citizen Alexey Smirnov, commander of the so-called Angel battalion and several militants disappeared in occupied Gorlovka: city residents believe they were captured by "MSS" of the "DPR", - reports Vchasno.

According to Donetsk online communities, the so-called Angel battalion was allegedly engaged in the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the occupied territory, that did not prevent them from having weapons. On September 16th Russian Alexey Smirnov and several of his associates went to Zaytsevo and disappeared.

Before his last trip, Smirnov left a message on his social network page: "If you can’t get in touch with us today, consider we died for the country." The Russians haven’t got in touch with since then.

Users of Donetsk public servers reported that the commander of the so-called "humanitarian battalion" and his associates were arrested and were in basements of the "MSS" of the "DPR".

"Well, where is the main Angel?  Where is Alexey Smirnov? Rumours say in the dungeons of the Donetsk MSS ... I cleaning of the objectionable ones going on?" – write users of Pereklichka Avdeyevka public.

Ufa resident Alexey  Chorny created e-petition to the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation with the requirement to intervene and secure the release of the Russian citizens who disappeared in occupied Gorlovka.

"In the "DPR" humanitarian volunteers of Angel battalion were arrested during a trip to.Zaytsevo on Saturday, - said the text of the petition -. Knowing that the human rights situation in the republic is poor, people resort to all those who can somehow influence the situation, help the Angels".