Elections in Donbass occupied by Russia will have no value and will not lead to peace - MEP Harms 09/19/2016 19:51:16. Total views 1328. Views today — 0.

Elections in the occupied territory of Donbass will have no value and are unlikely to lead to the peace if they are held in conditions of presence of Russian mercenaries and Russian weapons. MEP Rebecca Harms said that today to journalists in Kramatorsk, - reports the correspondent of OstroV.

"I know that Ukraine was visited by gentlemen Steinmeier and Hérault. They focus on the solution model based on the implementation of the peace through elections. The elections are very important for this land for this territory, but they have value only if they are held under the terms of this country, but not where there are little green men, mercenaries. Elections can’t be called free and democratic in such circumstances. They will have no value and are unlikely to lead to the peace,"- she said.

According to Harms, the elections in SDDLR should be held after the Russian troops and Russian weapons are withdrawn from the territory the control of the Ukrainian-Russian border should be restored, but not before it's done.

"Minsk agreements are very important, but it is important what priorities are determined in the process of the Minsk agreements, how to achieve peace," - said Harms.