Over 100 displaced persons will receive a certificate of entitlement to land plot 47 km from Kiev 09/14/2016 16:29:45. Total views 844. Views today — 0.

Displaced persons from Donbass and Crimea will receive a certificate of eligibility for a land plot near Abramovka village of Vyshgorod district of Kyiv region on September 17th. OstroV was informed by Crimean Diaspora public organization which is the initiator and organizer of the project.

103 forced migrants will receive certificate of entitlement to a land lot. "This is the fifth part of the community of 560 families, the project participants who are already receiving long-awaited documents," - noted the Crimean Diaspora.

It is noted that volunteers and activists of Crimean Diaspora public organization have been working for 9 months of this year on a project to help displaced persons to receive a land plot for housing.

Land plots are allocated from the state ownership of land within the administrative boundaries Abramovka village council of Vyshgorod district of Kyiv region. Distance to Kiev is 47 km.