Landik sold his refrigerator factory. Now Nord belongs to Russians 09/14/2016 12:31:09. Total views 1878. Views today — 0.

President of the Nord Group Valentin Landik sold his 79.93% package of shares of the parent group company, Nord PJSC (re-registered from Donetsk in Kramatorsk, Donetsk region) to Russian Diorite-Technis OOO (Kamensk-Shakhtinsky , Rostov region), which is part of the Diorite holding and is the Nord exclusive official distributor in Russia. It is reported byInterfax-Ukraine.

According to the Nord PJSC in the information disclosure system of the NSSMSN, depositary’s (or shareholder’s) message was delivered on September 13th.

It is noted that Diorite-Technis is a part of the Diorite holding which, according to its website, is a leader among the operators of home appliances and electronics in Russia. The holding was set up in 1991. It works with leading Russian and foreign manufacturers, including LG, Samsung, Philips, Hisense, Rolsen, BEKO, as well as NORD.

The owner of 100% of Diorite-Technis OOO is Diorite LLC, 99.99% of which are owned by businessman Igor Sidorkin.

In 2015 the revenue ща еру Diorite-Technis amounted to 948.67 million rubles, net profit - 29.49 million rubles. In 2009 the Nord Group and Diorite holding within the framework of the joint project opened Intertekhnika-Yug factory in Rostov region for the production of commercial refrigeration cabinets, vehicle air conditioners, electrical appliances. In 2010 Nord PJSC owned 66% of this company and as of March 2015, 100% of it belonged to Trading Alliance PJSC (Kiev), the ultimate beneficiary of which is V.Landik and the head - his son Andrey.

As previously reported, the Supervisory Board of the largest Ukrainian manufacturer of refrigerators and freezers Nord PJSC after attempts to resume production in Donetsk declared the termination of the enterprise, and preservation of fixed assets as of August 1st. The decision was made on July 11th in connection with the inability to maintain production activities in the circumstances.

The Supervisory Board of Nord PJSC is headed by V. Landik’s son Andrey, who owns about 19.7% of the shares of NORD PJSC.

Nord PJSC is the parent company of Nord - an integrated research and production association of machine-building factories and organizations.