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"The Ministry of State Security of the DPR": "The Ministry of State Security of the DPR detained a group of minor residents suspected of committing sabotage activity on the territory of the republic by order of the Ukrainian special services. According to the MSS, the group included seven minors. Ukraine's special services monitored the process. Saboteurs were at first lured by money (they paid 5 thousand UAH), then blackmailed and threatened with punishment for already committed crimes."

"The Ministry of Construction and Housing of the DPR": "More than 23 thousands of private and apartment houses have been damaged or destroyed during fighting in Donbass."

"Deputy Commander of the operational command of the "DPR" Eduard Basurin: "Yesterday at about 23:10, an unidentified explosive device exploded in the military commissariat in Shakhtersk in 8 Teatralnaya Street. The explosive device was laid on the window sill of the first floor on the outside part of the building." The guard received numerous wounds as a result of the explosion.

"Acting Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of the "DPR" Ivan Mikhaylov: "We have submitted to the leader of the DPR decree on suspending import of pork and processed products from Ukrainian territory as we are afraid that they may have the African swine virus. Now we are waiting for the signing of the decree. It is a matter of two days."

Media: "During the period 22 600 vacancies were registered 42,600 job seekers 32,200 persons were employed During this period, from January 1 to September 9 at a single data center-based employment has been registered.".

"The Ministry of Culture of the "DPR": "On September 11th the Donetsk State Academic Music and Drama Theatre staged successfully the first premiere of the new season which started a week earlier. The original interpretation of the French comedy by Claude Magnier called How To Return A Million was presented to the audience."

"Acting First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers, head of the "MOE of the LPR" Sergey Ivanushkin: "The Ukrainian side has cut the by 50% the water supply to the LPR from Zapadnaya Filtration Plant and Petrovsky Water Intake located near Lisichansk ."

"Deputy Minister of Industry of the "LPR" Dmitry Papilin: "Last week Sverdlovsk Garment Factory was launched; 36 people are employed. "

Media: "As part of the preparations for the primaries, the head of Donetsk administration Igor Martynov submitted documents and officially registered his candidacy for the post of the head of Donetsk."

Coordinator of the Information Resistance group " Dmitry Tymchuk: "The MSS of the LPR" is actively searching for "Ukrainian police sabotage group". According to the terrorist "special services", this sabotage group, consisting of officers of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (in rank from major to colonel, all allegedly trained in secret SSU camps under the supervision of NATO instructors), operates in a broad area between Perevalsk, Alchevsk, Stakhanov and Luhansk, traveling in "a few cross country cars and vans" with "mortars and explosives" and conducting sabotage activity."