"And Lenin is so young". The "DPR" created a children's organization with the name and face of Zakharchenko (Photo) 12/18/2015 22:17:55. Total views 1259. Views today — 1.

An analogue of the pioneering organization called Zakharovtsy, named after the leader of the "DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko, has been created in the controlled by militants Donetsk – informs the website of the so-called government of the "republic".

"On December 18th, 2015 a historical parallel can be carried out with May 19th, 1922, when the Pioneer movement was created. Therefore, all participants who are here today, will tell their children and grandchildren about how our children's organization appeared", - said Andrey Kramar, the first deputy head of the executive committee of the Donetsk Republic public movement.

In his opinion, the collapse of the Soviet Union happened because of the "washing-out the ideology". Therefore, the main aim of creating Zakharovtsy is "education of the younger generation of the republic in the spirit of patriotism, internationalism on the basis of resurgent moral values".

It is assumed that children's organization will unite in educational institutions pupils aged from 10 to 14, who "will give an oath to comply with the internal charter of the Children's organizations".

The preparatory Orlyata (eaglets) organization is for younger students aged 7 to 10.

"Apart from the fact that the eagle is depicted on the emblem of our country, it is, above all, a strong and proud bird. Therefore, to call themselves eaglets is doubly pleasing", - said Kramar.