Marinka and front-line Krasnogorovka risk to be left without gas for another winter 09/12/2016 20:38:22. Total views 853. Views today — 0.

The problem of gas supply of front-line Marinka and Krasnogorovka has still been solved because of shelling in the "grey zone" and non-admission of specialists to work there. Chairman of the Donetsk Regional State Administration Pavel Zhebrivskyi told reporters about that in Slavyansk.

"Today it is a huge problem. We raised this issue at the meeting of the Minsk negotiating group and Apokan - Head of OSCE Mission visited - we were talking. We need a maximum of 2 two days to install GDS. The pipe is laid, we did all, in fact 2-3 days - and there is gas. But today there is shellfire in the grey zone all the time and we cannot ... and Muscovites do not give permission to our specialists to go there," - said the governor.

Residents of frontline Marinka and Krasnogorovka have been living without gas for more than a year. In winter the houses had no heating, they heated with wood.