There is no discussion on the OSCE police mission in Donbass – OSCE 09/09/2016 19:17:20. Total views 869. Views today — 0.

There is no significant discussion on the OSCE police mission in Donbass. Secretary General of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Lamberto Zannier said that at the briefing in Kiev on Friday, - reported Ukrinform.

"At the moment there is still no discussion about the work of the OSCE police mission in Donbass. We'll see over time how to develop this issue because it requires the consent of all parties involved and then we can start the discussion," - said Zannier.

In this context he noted that the OSCE wanted above all to see whether the elections would be on the occupied territories of Donbass, and if so, when, and after that the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights should assess the level of security in the region.

"Then we will be able to assess whether an international force is needed for further assistance. Then we’ll start working for the elections to be held properly and for the international observers to be able to visit them safely," - said the OSCE Secretary General.