The organizer of the picket against the Inter was a follower of Russian nationalist Dugin - MP 09/07/2016 18:08:18. Total views 855. Views today — 0.

One of the organizers of the picket against Inter TV channel, member of the Bratstvo party Alexey Seredyuk turned out to be a supporter of Russian ideologist of the "Russian world" Alexander Dugin and supporter of the creation of the "Great Eurasian Empire". MP from Narodnyi Front Oleg Medunitsa wrote about that on Facebook.

"It was he who organized a picket near the Inter channel a few days ago and today he announced that he had made a deal that the channel would change its editorial policy," - wrote Medunitsa.

The MP also shared a link to a variety of publications of speeches by Seredyuk and Dugin, confirming their cooperation.

Thus, Alexey Seredyuk from the Bratstvo party urged to join the fight for the "domination of Eurasia" during the congress of the Eurasian Union of Youth in Ukraine which was held in 2005 in Kiev.

"Today we have crossed the Rubicon, we crossed the border, from where we start the way of our new struggle. Our struggle will be victorious. We have no other choice but to fight for our freedom. Today we start our struggle and it will take place not only in Ukraine, but also beyond its boundary - in Moldova, Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries. Our struggle will be everywhere, today we are fighting not for some illusive idea of ​​"democracy" as offered by Yushchenko – American puppet. Today we start our struggle for domination, for domination of Eurasia, for the triumph of Orthodoxy. Glory to Jesus Christ," - claimed Seredyuk in 2005.

Then the resolution of the congress which was attended by activists of the Bratstvo party included the following points: "1) Federalization of Ukraine 2) Release of all political prisoners 3) Deportation of American citizens from the territory of Ukraine 4) Resignation of the government and the President of Ukraine 5) Termination of the activity of Protestant sects on the territory of Ukraine and their subsequent deportation to the United States 6) Immediate cessation of the activities of Western NGOs 7) Establishment of national trust government on the basis of the healthy political forces of Ukraine: ESM, Bratstvo and etc. 8) Entry of Great Ukraine into the Eurasian Empire."

MP Medunitsa also highlighted fragment of the speech by Russian ideologist Alexander Dugin at the congress of the Eurasian Union of Youth where Dugin called Seredyuk ally in the fight against the "orange plague" and "occupation regime".

"Today we are talking a new - ideological, organizational, historical step. It is high time to move to serious action in the face of a specific date -2008," - said ideologist of Eurasianism Dugin when opening the congress.

"Announced by the presenter "brothers of Bratstvo vrotherly organization" - guys who are now working with us, "in the face of Alexey Seredyuk, brought "news from the front" for the audience:" Ukraine is the first country that fell under the horde from the West under the guise of the "orange plague". The Bratstvo Party stood up against this plague. Moscow is for us. Plans of hte Orange Revolution did not end in Ukraine. We will fight against the occupation regime in Ukraine until we win."

"Well, that’s it," - summed up Medunitsa.