Putin, speaking on reviewing the results of World War II, recalled that Lvov had belonged to Poland, there was still Hungary and Romania 09/02/2016 19:42:15. Total views 1013. Views today — 0.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that if we started to review the results of World War II and discuss Kaliningrad a, there is a question regarding Lvov. He said this in an interview with Bloomberg, - reports UNIAN.

"I can tell you without any jokes. If someone wants to start to review the results of World War II, let's try to discuss this topic. But then you need to argue not on Kaliningrad but in general the eastern regions of Germany, on Lvov, which was part of Poland and so on and so forth, there is Hungary and Romania have. If someone wants to open this Pandora's box and start to work with it, - you are welcome, do it", - said Putin.

 Commenting on the transfer of Tarabarov island to China in 2004, he said that this area was disputed.

"We did not give anything, it was a disputed territory, which we had been negotiating with China regarding it for 40 years - I want to emphasize it, 40 years - and in the end we found a compromise, a part of the territory is definitively assigned to Russia, a part of the territory is finally assigned to the People's Republic of China," - said Putin.

He stressed that this was possible only due to very high level of trust, that Russia and China had at that time.

According to him, if the parties achieve the same high level of trust with Japan, you will find a compromise here as well.

"But there is a fundamental difference between the issue related to Japanese history and our talks with China. What is it? The Japanese question has arisen as a result of World War II and is stipulated in the international documents related to the results of World War II. Our discussion with Chinese friends on border issues had nothing to do with the World War II and with any military conflicts," - said Putin.

The territory of Kaliningrad region, Russia's westernmost region, was a part of Germany until 1945 and was a part of the German region of Prussia (province of East Prussia), Kaliningrad was its administrative center but was called Königsberg. On October 17th, 1945 the Potsdam conference decided that the German city of Königsberg with the adjoining territories had to be temporarily incorporated into the USSR. At the same time, the southern part of East Prussia passed to Poland.