Tuka told what the programme of de-occupation of Donbass would look like and how much it would cost 08/31/2016 18:39:58. Total views 965. Views today — 0.

The programme of de-occupation of Donbass is designed for three years and provides for financing in the amount of $ 1.52 billion. It was stated by Deputy Minister on the occupied territories and one of its authors Georgiy Tuka, - reports Segodnya.

According to the concept, return of Donbass provides several ways: resumption of critical infrastructure, social services, resumption of the economy, resumption of giving loans to small and medium-sized businesses, creation of self-sufficient communities, return of confidence among people, psychological support to the population.

The programme is designed for 2017-2020. According to estimates of the authors, it would require $ 1.5 billion: infrastructure and social services - $ 1.2 billion, economic recovery - $ 135.5 million, restoration of peace and trust - $ 126 million. The source of funding is international financial institutions.

According to Tuka, the major step will be the elections in Donbass under the laws of Ukraine. "It is possible, of course, that people with pro-Russian views or militants’ protégés will come to power. Any voting result will be a manifestation of democracy. Nevertheless, I think that the people of the "republics" are already fed up with Russia’s policy," - says Tuka

As a result, as he said, the Ukrainian flag should appear in these areas by 2020. "According to conflict resolutionists, reintegration of the occupied territories will be possible within five years. If you do not make the necessary steps within this period, the procedure of peaceful return of the territories will be impossible. But we have already lost 2,5 years. Therefore, I hope, the de-occupation plan will be realized within 2-3 years," - told Tuka.

It is also one of the priority tasks to withdraw rebels’ equipment from Donbass so that Ukraine will restore control over the state border in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.