A man in the queue was wounded during militants’ shelling at Marinka checkpoint 08/26/2016 20:28:01. Total views 789. Views today — 0.

A man waiting in the queue to cross the demarcation line was wounded during militants’ shelling at Marinka checkpoint, - reports the press service of the State Border Service of Ukraine.

"Today at about 13.00 rebels opened fire at Marinka checkpoint wounding a man who was waiting for passport check. The shellfire carried out by terrorists with small arms from the direction of Aleksandrovka on the territory of the not controlled by the Ukrainian government. Enemy’s bullet hit one of the cars in which a man was sitting. As a result, our compatriot got tangential back wound, "- said the statement.

Border guards immediately called an ambulance and did the first aid.

The checkpoint suspended its work due to the shellfire and to protect other citizens.

Yesterday the checkpoint was fired with mortars. More than 10 shells went a few dozen meters from the premises. At this time, there were still people at the checkpoint, therefore, the border guards were forced to suspend the passage of persons and vehicles and evacuated citizens.