Russian "humanitarian convoy" takes stolen property from Donbass – Intelligence 08/26/2016 17:16:34. Total views 916. Views today — 0.

Russia's so-called "humanitarian convoy" arrive in Donbass when it is half empty and leave it loaded with equipment. It is reported by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine on Facebook page.

According to Intelligence reports, "humanitarian" convoy (70 units of motor vehicles), which arr8ived in occupied Donbass on August 25th, was not filled more than 30%, that confirms "only declarative but not real support by Russia for temporarily occupied areas of Donbass."

Intelligence notes that leaving "humanitarian" trucks are already "overloaded with property looted from Donetsk residents and dismantled plant equipment."

"On August 25th dismantling of Stakhanov Wagon Works PJSC (Stakhanov) and delivery of equipment to  the Russian Federation are going on," - noted the Intelligence.