"We practice only offensives." Militants are working out landing "assault force" in the area of Mariupol during their exercises 08/26/2016 15:45:13. Total views 970. Views today — 0.

Leader of the Somalia militant battalion Mikhail Tolstoy nicknamed "Givi" declared readiness to carry out landing of "sea assault force" in Mariupol area. It is reported by the separatist media.

"The task was: amphibious landing from boats, from the sea to the shore. Plus APCs with the support of armoured vehicles which float on the water ... It can be exercised on the former Ukrainian coast. It can be exercised both in Mariupol and Shyrokino... The most important thing is to know the task. When there is a task, we will fulfil it with any means. Landing on the beach, swimming, boat, helicopter -it does not matter, "- quoted militant media Givi.

According to him, militants are now only working out offensive operations. "Conducting offensive. We are exercising an offensive now," - said Tolstoy.