The leader of "DPR" figured out why another lie about the AFU’s offensive was not confirmed. It turns out to have been raining 08/25/2016 20:45:38. Total views 873. Views today — 0.

Leader of the "DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko explained failure of the AFU to conduct an offensive on Yasinovataya, announced by "the DPR intelligence", by sudden rain. He told about that at the press conference in Donetsk.

Previously provocative separatist media reported actively that the "APU is ready to capture Yasinovataya at night on August 25th. Military equipment was brought to the frontline."

After another statement about the aggressive plans of Ukraine was not confirmed, the leader of the "DPR" had to explain the situation.

"Suddenly it started to rain and it ripped the AFU’s planned offensive in the area of Spartak-Yasinovataya," - quoted by the separatist media the militant’s words.

According to him, the "DPR command" had information on AFU’s intention to make a breakthrough in the area of Spartak­-Yasinovataya yesterday: "But it started to rain and Ukrainian military vehicles could not drive on the sodden ground."

In order to avoid further absurd explanations about misinformation of militants’ "intelligence", Zakharchenko announced that "next time we will not ... announce emergency statements."