One person died due to explosion near militant Motorola’s house in Donetsk 08/25/2016 18:24:12. Total views 885. Views today — 1.

One person was died due to explosion in the center of occupied Donetsk today, on August 25th, - informs the separatist DAN website.

"At the moment, details of the incident are being specified. It is established that there was an explosion in the street. Shock waves notched the wall of the nearby apartment building. One person died," - said the statement.

The area is cordoned off by men in camouflage.

Russian Life News propaganda channel reported that the explosion had occurred near the house of militant called Motorola, the "Deputy Prime Minister" of the "DPR" also lives in that area.

"The explosive device was in the garbage container near the place of residence of Deputy Prime Minister, commander of the Sparta battalion also lives nearby," - said the leader of the "DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko.

Earlier, residents of the city wrote about the explosion in the social networks. Eyewitnesses reported on a man who had allegedly been blew up while pulling down the projectile. "The man was torn into pieces ... It seems that the object, that he was carrying in his hands, exploded. At least, there is no funnel, there is nothing on the ground and the site isn’t clearly suitable for an explosion," – wrote Donetsk citizens.