GPOU made public evidence of Putin advisor’s involvement to unleash a aggressive war against Ukraine (Audio) 08/22/2016 18:41:21. Total views 1095. Views today — 0.

Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine made public evidence of involvement of Russian government representatives in the infringement on the territorial integrity of Ukraine and aggressive war against Ukraine.

Thus, the published video shows Putin adviser Sergey Glazyev on the phone with State Duma deputy Konstantin Zatulin decides on funding mass fights and capturing regional councils on the territory of Odesa, Kharkov regions and Crimea.

In audio it also gives instructs some Anatoliy on the phone to organize e seizure of state power bodies for further incursions into the territory of Ukraine.

In addition, they recorded a conversation of Glazyev with a Russian, whom he ordered urgently to seize the Odessa Regional Council.