Thursday events on the occupied territories of Donbass 08/12/2016 12:37:57. Total views 981. Views today — 0.

"Chairman of the People's Council" of the "DPR" Denis Pushilin: "Meeting of Ukrainian captives with their mothers can take place in the near future. We have nothing to hide and I think we can arrange a meeting with mothers of Ukrainian captives. It can be a serious impetus for the mother after returning to Ukraine to contribute to the adoption of the amnesty law. We are ready to give all those whom we have got, but not unilaterally."

"Head of the working group on the exchange of war prisoners" of the "LPR" Olga Kobtseva: "There are no agreements to hold an exchange of prisoners between Ukraine and the republics of Donbass in the near future, nevertheless, the LPR continues to insist on the exchange of war prisoners according to the formula "all for all".

Media: "At least three houses and pipeline were damaged due to night shelling in the Kiev district of Donetsk."

"The State Penitentiary Service" of the "DPR": "The territory adjacent to Makeyevka penal colony got under artillery fire last night. There are no casualties among the staff and convicts."

"Ministry of Justice" of the "DPR": "As of August 11th 6934 children were born and 2703 marriages were registered in the republic for 2016. 268 babies were born and 131 certificate of marriage registration were recorded in the republic over the past week."

"The Minister of Education and Science" of the "DPR" Larisa Polyakova: "University admission process in 2016 was successful. The number of enrolled applicants is 13 723 people, 9,164 of whom are enrolled on the budget-financed basis, 522 - on quotas, 4046 - on the contract."

"Union of Coal Industry Workers" of the "LPR": "Workers of the enterprises belonging to Tsentrugol SUE of the LPR and Uglerestrukturizatsiya, that have a difficult situation, received almost 5.7 thousand food packages.".

Media: "Center for Hydrometeorology of the MES of the LPR announced on August 12th the highest - the fifth – grade of the fire hazard (emergency) on the territory of the republic."

Media: "Federation of ice hockey and figure skating of the LPR started to implement a long-term programme to establish Hockey Academy in the republic."