Turchynov warned that the deterioration of the situation in the ATO area would lead to new mobilization "immediately" 08/05/2016 17:23:50. Total views 1053. Views today — 2.

A new wave of mobilization may be announced in case of deterioration of the situation in the anti-terrorist operation area in eastern Ukraine. It was stated by Secretary of the National Security Council and Defense of Ukraine Alexander Turchynov at the presentation of the Informing Sector of Security and Defense center in the National Security Council on Friday in Kiev, - reportsInterfax-Ukraine.

"In case of serious deterioration on the front, a new mobilization will be announced immediately," - he said.

Earlier, Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry Of Defense of Ukraine reported onsigns of enemy’s preparations for combat operations "in Donetsk and Slavyask directions."

According to MID, there is a threat of offensive actions intensification or raids by militants "to expand the controlled territories" in the period from 4 to 8 August.

In addition, representatives of the self-proclaimed "DPR" stated in the Russian mass-media about the possibility of another military action in eastern Ukraine. "The situation is escalating with every day. No progress after the next negotiations on a political settlement. The situation remains tense, it can erupt and escalate into a full-fledged clash at any moment," - said one of the leaders of the "DPR" Denis Pushilin to Izvestya newspaper.