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"Ombudsman" in the "DPR" Daria Morozova: "We have carefully worked out a list of 109 people provided by the Ukrainian side. I officially declare that the republic arrested 42 Ukrainian soldiers. They are all ready for the exchange of captives in a format that stated in the Set of Measures for fulfillment of the Minsk Agreements. "

Media: "Head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko presented republican passports to 36 soldiers today. Ceremony was held in Donetsk in a festive atmosphere. All the soldiers will get the republican passports in the near future."

"Ombudsman" in the "DPR" Daria Morozova: "We have repeatedly offered Ukrainian negotiators to develop a road map to find missing people. We insist on the fast resolution of this issue. 489 families have resorted to us for help in search for their loved ones, hoping to get at least some information about them."

"Head of the Migration Service of the "MIA of the DPD" Vladimir Krasnoshchek: "We have many people wishing to obtain a DPR passport DNR, 12,000 applications have been already submitted. There are long queues in territorial departments, so we ask all those who do not urgently need a passport, not to create the hype. Let those left without documents get the passports first. According to our information, there are around 150 thousand of such people."

"Voda Donbassu company”: “Work of Donetsk Filter Plant is resumed; the company is supplied with electricity. Waterworks are currently being filled with water. Drinking water supply to consumers will be resumed on August 5th."

Media: "ArtDonbass Art and Exhibition Center is organizing a series of concerts in the capital of the DPR, the first musical event is scheduled on the Miner Day. The first evening of classical music will be held on August 27th at 19.00 in the open air in the Lenin Komsomol park."

Media: "Mail of Donbass issued a stamp with the image of a rare locomotive rarity dedicated the Day of Railwayman of the DPR."

Media: "Five families whose houses were destroyed during the fighting in 2015 in Debaltsevo celebrated their housewarming. Today, they received the keys to new houses built on the order of the head of the DPR."

Media: "In the LPR Antratsyt and nearby settlements are facing an acute shortage of water due to de-energized pump stations supplying water from the Seversky Donets River."

"The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport of the LPR": "Luhansk railway has made changes to the timetable of passenger and suburban trains. Train of the LPR-DPR No. 603/604 on the route Luhansk-Yasinovataya, according to the new timetable, departs from Lugansk every day at 08.06 and arrives at 13.56 in Yasinovataya. Train of the DPR-LPR No. 604/603 on the route Yasinovataya-Luhansk departs daily at 07.57 and arrives at 13.52 in Luhansk."

"The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the LPR": "Entrepreneurs from Moscow, Rostov and Voronezh regions gave preliminary consent to participate in the first exhibition of the achievements of the national economy called EEA LPR-2016."

Media: "Local State Committee of Land Relations of the LPR registered land rights in July by 34% more than in June and by 54% more than in May 2016".

Media: "Trade Unions Federation of the LPR plans to develop tourist exchange programme for foreigners."