Nadezhda Savchenko declares hunger strike and called on people to go into the streets 08/02/2016 15:13:05. Total views 959. Views today — 0.

MP Nadezhda Savchenko declared hunger strike because of the inactivity of the authorities to release captives. She announced that today at the press conference in Kiev, - reports the correspondent of OstroV.

"Today I declare a hunger strike again because of the inactivity of the pro-government of the world regarding release of Ukrainians from captivity. Hunger will continue until the date of a positive result," - she said.

Savchenko also called on people to go to the Presidential Administration of and demand that exchange of captives.

According to MP, she offered "real actions" to President Petro Poroshenko for exchange of war captives, but he refused. "I offered real actions for the successful exchange of war captives to the President of Ukraine. It is necessary to be the first to give people. There are no Poroshenko’s children in the captivity. And he doesn’t care of your children," - said Savchenko.

She also asked the mothers from occupied Donbass and the Crimeato go "to their perpetrators that represent authorities" and demand the return of their children.

"Go out and demand the return of your children," - said Savchenko.

Earlier First Deputy Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, member of the Minsk negotiations Irina Gerashchenko stated that the militants were blocking the process of captive exchange. In particular, in July they declined Kiev proposal to exchange captives in the format of "25 for 50". At the same time, she said, militants submit "phantasmagoric list of 600 people, half of them simply do not exist, we do not know who and where these people are."