Because of queues social security offices offer forced migrants to come for re-issuance of social payments in 2017 08/01/2016 16:25:18. Total views 998. Views today — 0.

Social Security Office on the territory of Donetsk region controlled by militants cannot cope with the flow of internally displaced persons wishing to re-register the social benefits. It is reported by Donbass.

As the newspaper notes, "real boom" began after the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine announced the new rules of the social benefits re-registration. The busiest social services are in Luhansk and Donetsk regions where the biggest number of forced migrants is registered.

It is reported that thousands of people stand in long lines for hours just to pass, at least, the first stage of the registration of pension and migrant payments.

For example, in Konstantinovka they give tickets already for August 8th and the tickets are issued not to apply for payments. Small pieces of paper are a pass to get inside the building, - described the situation coordinator of the Frolovskaya, 9/11volunteer center Lesya Litvinova.

"The social security employees have much work. There are nearly 50 thousand displaced persons in the city and they need to check them all at their residence place and issue documents. Only 4 inspectors work there," - said Litvinova.

In Kramatorsk tickets are given only for November, all other dates have already been booked. The city registered 78,000 displaced persons.

In Luhansk region the situation is not better. However, tickets are replaced with live queue to which migrants almost got used to.

The agenda includes another problem of many migrants - blocked pensions and benefits.

"People travel hundreds of kilometers to find out why they do not receive payments and they are offered to come to apply for them in 2017. Therefore, the refugees from the ATO area ask the right question: What should we live on till then?" – notes the newspaper.

The social security office talks about the catastrophic situation that appointments are booked for a few months in advance. However, if the staff were extended, the work would go much faster.