Many patriotic Ukrainians in SDDLR refused to get "pensions" from occupants, while others took to survive – Gerashchenko 07/29/2016 21:04:31. Total views 980. Views today — 2.

The flow of people through checkpoints in Donbas increases every month on the 20th when pensions and social payments are paid. First deputy speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Irina Gerashchenko wrote about that on Facebook.

"In the summer queues at checkpoints are even longer, more awful, painful. Heat. Border guards say that the biggest flow of these unfortunate people divided by Russian aggression in Donbass goes through checkpoints on the 20th every month, when pensions and social payments are paid," - noted Gerashchenko.

She said that she talked to women and men who did not hide the fact that they came their earned pension by hard wok that they were there every month - many families were separated and forced to live in two houses.

"Their state is despair and fatigue with war. I understand them very much. They recognized that ldpr give them payments of 2000 rubles that is about 700 hryvnia, many ideological and patriotic Ukrainians refused to take this money at all and others took to survive,"- said Gerashchenko.

"It is difficult to live without Ukrainian pension, moreover, people earned it by working all their life. All of these elderly people are concerned about checking the pension registry that is happening now. I say that the government should update the registry in accordance with the reality, there are really dead people, names of non-existent ones and those who abuse and errors. Nevertheless, checks and verification should be done in a way not to create problems for people who are already in trouble," - Gerashchenko said.